We’re All in on Customer Led Marketing

PeerSpot is once again leading the way by embracing a new approach to marketing – Customer Led Marketing (CLM). This strategy is based on the idea that customers are at the heart of every organization, and should definitely be at the heart of a company’s marketing efforts.

PeerSpot’s move towards CLM is an exciting development, as it represents a new way of thinking about marketing. In the past, marketing efforts were often focused on creating demand and generating leads. While these activities are still important, CLM takes a more customer-centric approach, recognizing that the most effective marketing campaigns are those that are built around the needs and desires of the customer.

By putting the customer first, PeerSpot is not only redefining the role of customer marketers within the organization but also challenging traditional marketing practices. In CLM, customer marketing and advocacy aren’t just an add-on to the marketing plan – they’re the driving force behind it.

For PeerSpot, this means that every aspect of marketing – from demand creation and lead generation to brand and product marketing – is now customer-led. By prioritizing the customer in this way, PeerSpot is demonstrating a commitment to putting the customer at the center of everything we do.

One of the most exciting aspects of PeerSpot’s CLM strategy is that it is not just a theoretical approach. Instead, the company is using its own marketing team, led by Alison Bukowski, as a live case study. By experimenting with different ways to show real business impact – such as increased revenue, contract renewal, customer engagement, and sentiment – PeerSpot is demonstrating its commitment to the customer-led approach.

It’s important to note that CLM is not just a buzzword – it’s a way of doing business that has proven to be effective. PeerSpot’s move toward CLM is part of a wider trend toward customer-led growth (CLG), which has shown that when companies focus on the customer, growth follows.

In conclusion, PeerSpot’s embrace of CLM is an exciting development in the world of marketing. By putting the customer at the center of our marketing efforts, we are demonstrating a commitment to delivering the best possible experience for customers.

I’m excited that here at PeerSpot we “eat our own dog food” and “drink our own champagne” as we demonstrate that customers, supported and leveraged in the right way, can drive the most business impact.