The Buying Intelligence Platform

Harness the power of user reviews at each stage of the enterprise tech buying journey.

Content Creation

Create Peer Content

Generate detailed user reviews at scale and then leverage them to create content that drives sales.

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Content Creation
“For any given PeerSpot review, we could probably pull out 20 quotes…whereas other review sites, we’re lucky if we get one good quote.”
Demand Generation

Capture Active Buyers

Identify and access our highly targeted, qualified audience for lead generation and high conversion rates.

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Demand Generation
“When we tested the PeerSpot leads, we saw over 10% conversion from the lead to an initial discovery conversation with the prospect…it’s light years ahead of other lead sources.”

How it works

Claim your profile

Keep your profile up to date for buyers researching your product.


Collect reviews

Secure detailed reviews from verified customers.

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Influence Buyers

Add third party validation to all marketing and sales activities.

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Fill Pipeline

Leverage our highly qualified audience to generate leads, retarget prospects and identify high intent companies.

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