Use events to maximize
review collection

Quality Reviews

Take advantage of engaged customers; customers at your events, such as customer conferences, user groups, and customer advisory boards, tend to provide longer and more detailed reviews. And capturing reviews conversationally allows for more in-depth questions, and feedback.

High Quality Reviews at Events

Your Best Customers

Typically your events feature some of the most engaged customers. Capture reviews from the people who most value your product, have the most experience as a user, and are willing to share that experience.

Reviews from your best customers

Scale Reviews, Fast

With a large group of customers attending your in-person events, PeerSpot collects a significant number of reviews within a very short time period. Rather than spending weeks or months with email campaigns and extra leg work for your internal teams, capture multiple reviews in hours.

Customer Reviews at Scale

Video Reviews

PeerSpot is happy to interview your customers on camera! The videos are professionally edited and transcribed, so you get both video and text content, delivering multiple marketing assets AND reviews.

Video Product Reviews

Voice of PeerSpot Customers

“We are using PeerSpot in our event with 33,000 global customers to share a point of view about our products.”
–Global Cybersecurity Marketer at Cisco

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