Be Seen. Own Your Category.

Exposure to Net New Buyers

You will automatically appear as an alternative third option whenever a potential buyer compares two other solutions within your category. Insert your brand and get exposure to net new buyers.

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Data-driven Decisions

PeerSpot’s Sponsored Comparison includes the intent data of accounts researching your competitors, allowing you to have data-driven discussions with internal stakeholders.

PeerSpot - Data driven decisions

Influence Leads

Comparison pages are our most popular pages, with 80% of our audience visiting a comparison page during their PeerSpot journey. Be a part of every competitive search in your category and reach prospects who weren’t considering your solution.

PeerSpot - Influence leads

Take Advantage of Exclusivity

Sponsored Comparisons are available to only one vendor per category at any given time. This gives you exclusive visibility for all comparisons in your category. The sponsored comparison feature works as an enhanced benefit when running alongside a lead generation program.

PeerSpot - Advantage exclusivity

Voice of PeerSpot Customers

“When there is a customer quote coming from PeerSpot on our free trial page, we have a 36% higher conversion rate compared to unsourced quotes. So it really helps to be recognized as a trusted vendor.”
–Global Cybersecurity Marketer at Cisco

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