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With one click, generate industry-specific product reports and customized buyers guides containing customer experiences and reviews.

Buyers want peer content customized for their industry and use case.

That’s hard to create. Until now.

Enterprise technology buyers value peer content and reviews more than any other source throughout their buying journey. 96% of tech buyers are looking for custom-tailored content (e.g. customized for their industry and company size) and 91% of buyers say it’s challenging to find high-quality content, mostly due to a lack of truly independent, unbiased information. (Source: Foundry)

Create reports with a single click. Then sit back and watch the leads flow in.

Reports can be customized to thirty-one industry verticals and company sizes, dozens of topics, and unlimited comparisons with competitors.

Examples of reports that can be generated with one click using PeerReports:

  • Buyer’s Guide of your product for the insurance industry
  • ROI Report of how large banks get ROI from your product
  • Comparison Report showing how you beat your top competitor
  • Case Study of your product at a mid-sized healthcare provider
  • And more!

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    Create content on demand: Product reports, case studies, and buyer’s guides.

    Marketing and sales teams can use PeerReports to generate a report within seconds – simply pick a report type, edit the title, pick your content filters (e.g. ROI, use cases), and download the PDF. It is a powerful content engine for product marketing, content marketing, customer marketing, customer advocacy, demand generation, ABM, sales, and SDR teams.

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    Cost-effective, fresh content. And it performs.

    Cost Effective: PeerReports is a cost-effective solution for creating targeted content at scale. The service costs a fraction of the price to create white papers, reports, and other content, whether internally or through an external analyst/source.

    Evergreen Content: Unlike analyst reports and quadrants, PeerReports are generated in real time, so they include fresh content with the most recent reviews and buyer intent data from peerspot.com. Marketing and sales teams will no longer face “content starvation” when a new PeerReport can be generated at any time.

    Authentic Voice of the Customer: PeerReports are created based on user-generated reviews – so you can be confident that the content you are distributing comes from a trusted, objective source that buyers want to read.

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    Voice of PeerSpot Customers

    “PeerReports provides functionality that allows us to customize reports or collateral however we need – and it’s based on what real users are saying, which provides credibility to the content.”
    –Customer Advocacy Manager at Splunk

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