The Buying Intelligence Platform

PeerSpot’s Buying Intelligence Platform is where tech pros go to get practical, reliable information on enterprise tech, so they can be sure what they buy is exactly what they need. Powered by the world’s largest community of enterprise tech buyers, PeerSpot provides in-depth reviews, online forums, direct Q&A support and more, giving professionals the confidence to make the right decision and the happiness of reality meeting expectations.

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PeerSpot helps enterprise
tech buyers make better decisions.

Real Users

Every reviewer is verified as a real user of the product within the last 12 months. If we aren’t sure it’s real, we won’t publish it.

The Full Picture

At an average of 600 words per review, our reviews are in-depth and will always include both pros and cons so that buyers can make an informed decision.

A Community of Experts

PeerSpot is about more than reviews – users can ask for and share advice with peers throughout their buying process.

We bridge the gap between sellers and buyers

PeerSpot helps sellers reach buyers through the voice of their customers. We help sellers capture and leverage the authentic product feedback that users want to see when they’re conducting product research and due diligence.

The result?
Buyers get the information they need, while sellers reach more of the customers they want.


Bridge the gap between vendors and buyers

Our Leadership

Russell Rothstein

Co-Founder & CEO

Naftali Marcus

Co-Founder & Chief Architect

Yaniv Alus


Doni Lerner

VP of Strategy

Michael Shmilov

VP of Product

Sharon Zehavi

VP of Human Resources