Reference (R)evolution: Creating a Multidimensional Approach to Your Reference Program

It’s a tale as old as time (or as old as customer advocacy anyway). The demand for immediate customer references never seems to abate. It’s time to evolve customer reference program. Going beyond the reference and creating a multidimensional approach allows us to not only maximize the customer voice, but minimize our workload. Hear how Alison Bukowski, Director of Customer and Product Marketing at PeerSpot, recommends building a customer reference program that is definitely not a one-way street (i.e., transactional), but allows you to: Create a strategy around multi-use customer references Leverage reference content across a marketing strategy Find new ways to support sales without exhausting customers with repetitive requests Make the most out of customer content to deliver easier reference options, support sales without exhausting customers, and how to better strategize for more impactful outcomes.

Alison Bukowski