The CustomerX Files Episode 5: From the Hamster Wheel to Flywheel

The difference between customer marketing and advocacy is a favorite debate topic within our industry. Let’s face it, the terms are used interchangeably, defined differently by organization, and often result in an awful lot of scope creep, especially for young CM&A professionals. And just as frustrating, sometimes, as the naming conventions, is the constant battle of having to deprioritize strategic initiatives in order to support fire drills or more tactical activities. So on this episode of The CustomerX Files, we are joined by Taylor Page, Director of Customer Marketing & Advocacy at Kong. We discuss how to change the wheel…let’s get away from the hamster wheel and embrace the flywheel. Listen to hear Taylor’s advice on career, naming conventions, and suggestions on how to advance your role within this industry – trust us, there are multiple pearls of wisdom embedded in this conversation!

Taylor Page
Alison Bukowski