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Podcast 46 Min

The CustomerX Files Episode 11: Advancing Advocacy (in your organization)

On this episode of The CustomerX Files, Alison is joined by Tjitske De Vries, Global Community Relations Manager at Malwarebytes, to discuss the ways that advocacy has evolved over the past five years – and how it impacts us personally as well as professionally. This "winding road" discussion covers everything from being a working mom and woman in tech, to the differences between advocacy in B2B and B2C worlds, and arrives at a final destination of how advocacy can be used to permeate and improve overall corporate culture.

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Podcast 38 Min

Ep 2. Top 5 ABM Mistakes Marketers Make and How to Fix Them

Are you trying to do account-based marketing at your company, but running into roadblocks? You may be making some common mistakes. Learn all about them and how to fix them on this episode of Dude, Where's My Pipeline? where we chat with Kathy Macchi, EVP of Consulting Services and Co-founder at Inverta.

Webinar 45 Min

The Economic Shift: What It Means for Marketing Professionals

Marketing professionals may be entering into a new budget reality due to the current economic downturn. Learn from 3 senior marketing gurus on how to best prepare yourself and your team and what to expect in the coming months.

Podcast 18 Min

Ep 1. Bummer Dude: Demand Gen Marketers’ Top Problems

What are the biggest challenges Demand Gen Marketers face today? How can we overcome them to drive the pipeline we need?

Infographic 2 Min

Start your own Reference (R)evolution

See how customer reference teams can maximize customer voice while minimizing workload.

Webinar 44 Min

Reference (R)evolution: Creating a Multidimensional Approach to Your Reference Program

Learn how you can make the most out of customer content to deliver easier reference options, support sales without exhausting customers, and how to better strategize for more impactful outcomes.

Webinar 35 Min

Driving to Pipeline: Practical Ideas That Convert

Understand how you can reach your pipeline goal with the available lead and intent data options.

e-Book 10 Min

Beyond 5 Stars: The Best Ways to Obtain and Leverage Customer Reviews

You’re likely familiar with the all-consuming and slightly off-putting favor hustle required to maintain a steady drumbeat of online reviews. In an ideal world, you could keep the reviews flowing and maximize the potential of every customer review interaction. So how do you stop the cycle of last-minute review wrangling?

Webinar 40 Min

Beyond 5 Stars: The Untapped Power of Customer Reviews

There is a whole world behind the 5 stars a user leaves you, you just need to know how to get there. Hear from 4 customer advocacy masters on how to repurpose, reuse and recycle user feedback.