PeerSpot Finishes 2021 as the Fastest Growing B2B Peer Review Site

PeerSpot, formerly IT Central Station, grew revenues 81% YoY, solidifying its position as the authority on enterprise technology.

San Francisco, CA; New York, NY; and Modiin, Israel

PeerSpot, the authority on enterprise technology, rolls out a new company name and brand, and sees record breaking results in 2021.  With over 81% annual revenue growth, PeerSpot is the fastest growing peer review site in the industry. While uniquely focusing solely on enterprise technology, PeerSpot delivers the most in-depth reviews, with more than 620 words per review, compared to an industry average of 75 words. With over 3.5 million visitors using PeerSpot to make complex enterprise technology buying decisions, it is the largest community of cybersecurity, DevOps, and IT professionals.

“2021 has been a remarkable year of growth for PeerSpot. We’re seeing more enterprise IT professionals engage actively with the site and community, showing an even greater desire among IT professionals to leverage real users in their buying decisions for these complex enterprise technologies,” said Russell Rothstein, Founder and CEO of PeerSpot. “By leveraging the voice of users, we are on the precipice of changing the authoritative voice of which enterprise offerings are best.”

The community isn’t the only thing with this growth velocity. With a Series A funding from Invictus Growth, based in San Francisco, CA, the $30 million investment has helped the company grow headcount 94% to bring to market new services and continue to deliver top level support. NPS scores continue to show the satisfaction of customers with the annual score at 65.5, with one quarter reaching as high as 73, putting PeerSpot in a class alongside the likes of Apple and Starbucks. Additionally, net dollar retention, which is a gauge for recurring customer purchases, is at 144%. Customers not only appreciate the level of service PeerSpot provides in helping them build their reviews, but also in helping them generate millions in pipeline revenue through highly qualified late stage leads and intent data. 

PeerSpot has an ambitious roadmap and plans to roll out new features to support enterprise tech buyers, and more tools and integrations for marketers to use our reviews, leads, and intent data. Last year, new or revised integrations for Salesforce, Pardot, Eloqua, HubSpot, Marketo, LinkedIn, and Bombora were released. In Q1 of 2022, expect to see more with these partners, as well as new integrations with 6Sense, Demandbase, and others. 

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About PeerSpot

PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station), is the authority on enterprise technology.  As the world’s fastest growing review platform designed exclusively for enterprise technology, with over 3.5 million enterprise technology visitors, PeerSpot enables 97 of the Fortune 100 companies in making technology buying decisions. Technology vendors understand the importance of peer reviews and encourage their customers to be part of our community. PeerSpot helps vendors capture and leverage the authentic product feedback in the most comprehensive way, to help buyers when conducting research or making purchase decisions, as well as helping vendors use their voice of customer insights in other educational ways throughout their business.