Leads that Perform

PeerSpot provides a high-quality first-party lead generation service, based on prospects and companies actively reading user reviews. In a market full of low-quality leads, PeerSpot offers leads that are in an active buying cycle, that convert to meetings, opportunities, and closed business.

High Intent Leads
With Precise Targeting

Premium Site Leads reflect users who take three distinct actions on the PeerSpot Buying Intelligence Platform, demonstrating a high level of buyer intent. You only receive leads actively researching in your space and have read reviews of you and/or your competitors.

PeerSpot - Highest performing leads

Sales-Ready Leads

Premium Site Leads are bottom-of-funnel since they represent users reading reviews and buyers guides on PeerSpot’s Buying Intelligence Platform. They are ready for immediate follow-up from sales/SDR/BDR teams and compliant with industry standards including GDPR, CCPA, etc.

PeerSpot Sales Ready Leads

Competitive Insights

In addition to the standard lead capture information, PeerSpot also lets you know which of your competitors the lead researched while on our site.

Real-Time Delivery

PeerSpot sends leads in real time, within 30 minutes of the buyer being on All leads are fresh and delivered directly into your systems (e.g Salesforce, Hubspot, Marketo, Integrate) or via an API or CSV file.

PeerSpot - Real Time Delivery

Voice of PeerSpot Customers

“In the last 15 months we were able to add close to 500 marketing qualified leads to our funnel, which contributed close to over a million dollars in total influence pipeline.”
–Marketing Programs Manager at Veracode

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