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2024 PeerSpot
Annual Enterprise Technology Awards

PeerSpot, the Buying Intelligence Platform, is proud to announce our 2024 annual awards that showcase the best B2B Enterprise technology, as rated by real users in the community.

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Tech Leader Awards

Every reviewer is verified as a real user of the product within the last 12 months. If we aren’t sure it’s real, we won’t publish it.

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The Rising Star Awards

At an average of 600 words per review, our reviews are in-depth and will always include both pros and cons so that buyers can make an informed decision.

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The PeerSpot Awards are an annual ranking of the top products in two categories:

  1. The Tech Leader Awards are an annual ranking of the world’s best Enterprise Technology products based on authentic and timely user reviews from verified reviewers; the awards are given to the top three solutions in the eligible categories as determined by PeerSpot’s ranking methodology.
  2. The Rising Star Awards recognize the top products that have significantly increased in percent of traffic volume on the PeerSpot review site over the past 12 months in the Tech Leader Awards categories.

The Tech Leader Awards are based on a report that presents the top products within each category based on their average ranking, calculated using a standard arithmetic mean.

The average ranking is determined by considering the last 12 rankings of each product within the category.

For example, if a product was ranked 1st for 9 months and 3rd for the remaining 3 months, the average ranking would be calculated as follows: ((9 * 1) + (3 * 3)) / 12, resulting in an average ranking of 1.75.

PeerSpot’s Review Authentication Policy and Process helps to preserve information credibility and content integrity. The process includes the following measures:

  • User reviews must come from real, relevant users. We confirm that reviews are from real users who have used the product/service, or have evaluated it for the purpose of using it for their company, in the past 12 months.
  • We require vendors to identify themselves. Employees of tech vendors must identify themselves during registration so that site visitors are able to distinguish between information contributed by vendors versus that contributed by tech professionals.
  • We verify every registered user. New users must register with their LinkedIn profile or company email address, which helps us to prevent vendors or non-users from posting fake reviews.

The Rising Star Award recognizes the top products in over 100 solution categories based on in-depth, verified reviews from real users over a 12-month period. Rising Star winning products represent the most promising in their solution category according to verified reviewer insights and experience. Categories for the Rising Star Awards are selected from Tech Leader categories. Not all categories will have a product recognized as a Rising Star.

Only products with their first review posted to the PeerSpot platform within the past 24 months are considered for the Rising Star Award. In addition, the product solution category must have a product increase of 20%, have 5 minimum products per category, and have 3 minimum visible reviews per product. This recognition puts the spotlight on “up-and-comers” and can be viewed as a reflection of growing market interests based on evolving business needs, industry trends, or competitive challenges.

Yes, vendors can win in any category where they have an eligible product.

No, products are assigned to a single category and will only be eligible to win in that category.

Currently, the announcement of the 2024 Award winners is planned for September 2024.

A link to the winners’ list will be on both our homepage at and at You may view the list of 2023 winners here.

PeerSpot includes categories that have at least 5 products that have received a minimum of 8 reviews in the past 12 months.

Yes! The Tech Leader Awards are based on verified customer reviews about your products (refer to ranking methodology above for details). By increasing your product reviews, the length of the review, and the number of views for the review, you can increase your chance of winning an award.

While the Rising Star Award is a reflection of the past year’s traffic for selected products on our review site, there are things you can do to increase your chance of winning in the next year such as driving customers and prospects to your product’s review on the PeerSpot site for information, competitive comparisons, etc.

In addition, PeerSpot offers content and several services that can help you prepare to win. Visit to learn how you can take advantage of our review subscription service to generate detailed user reviews that can be used to create impactful content for all stages of the buyer’s journey.

Winners will be notified by email approximately 21-30 days prior to the official awards announcement. Public communications about the awards will be embargoed until the announcement date.

PeerSpot will be using multiple communications vehicles to publicize the awards and promote the winners post-announcement. This will include, but not be limited to:

  • Banners on the PeerSpot website and community pages
  • Winners will have their badges displayed on the review site
  • Blogs
  • Social sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Email outreach to our user and vendor databases


Use the 30-day advance notification of your win to prepare your promotion plan ahead of the public announcement. You will receive a Promotion Guide from PeerSpot that includes resources and assets to assist you in promoting the award across multiple communications vehicles, including:

  • Your website
  • Social media
  • Press releases
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Email
  • Videos

Winners will receive award badges for their categories. You can use the badge for a full year, so put it anywhere you have an opportunity to showcase it with your customers, from your website to email signatures!

Yes. PeerSpot will provide winners an Award Promotion Guide that includes assets such as graphics, social media content, and email templates, as well as best-practice suggestions for promoting the awards.