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Authentic Reviews: Our Commitment to the Truth

Enterprise buyers aren’t interested in being fed information that is biased towards a particular product – they want to hear from real users to help inform decisions. With this in mind, PeerSpot has always been committed to providing authentic review content that is current, objective, and relevant. 

PeerSpot is a community that is built on trust, honesty, integrity, and respect of its members. These core elements guide the promise we make to users about all content on our site. Here are some of the measures that we have in place to maintain the highest quality of reviews:

Not just a star rating

At PeerSpot we pride ourselves on the length and quality of our reviews. You won’t see a review that is just a couple of words or a simple star rating without an explanation. Compared to our competitors, who publish reviews that are generally several hundred words long, our reviews are thousands of words long and contain the crucial content buyers are looking for to help them make an informed decision. 

The full picture

Buyers are often skeptical of 5-star reviews, or of reviews that only contain positive feedback. Even if a reviewer gives a 5-star rating to a product, there is always room for improvement. We encourage our reviewers to go into detail about the cons as well as the pros of each solution reviewed so that buyers have the full picture before moving ahead with a purchasing process. 

Zero fake reviews

From the start, we knew that we needed to find a way to fight against fake reviews. We wanted buyers to know that everything they found on our site would be 100% trustworthy. So, we set ourselves an ambitious goal – to have zero fake reviews. To achieve this goal, we put in place a rigorous authentication system that every reviewer undergoes before being published on PeerSpot. 

Our QA team reviews every single review submission to check that reviews are genuine. We verify every user through their LinkedIn profile or company email address. All review authors have to disclose their relationship to the product, the service or the solution they are reviewing. In addition, reviewers must have used the product/service, or have evaluated it for the purpose of using it for their company, in the past 12 months. 

If we suspect that a review is fake in any way, we won’t publish it. We’d rather have one fewer review in our system and sleep well at night knowing that all of the reviews published on PeerSpot are authentic and relevant for our user community.

Authentic reviews benefit everyone

Authentic reviews are not only good for buyers – they’re great for sellers too. With real, in-depth reviews, vendors get to know their customers better, improve their products and enhance marketing and sales efforts.