Devo Technology

Cambridge, MA
Annual Revenue
$10 million
Cloud-native logging and security analytics, SOC Transformation, SIEM, AIOps


Devo wanted to build brand awareness as a new player in a hot space for enterprise buyers. They were also looking to build a healthy pipeline for sales.


Devo made use of the full suite of products, including Reviews, Sponsored Comparison, PeerPapers™, Lead Generation, PeerIntent™, and PeerPixel™.

They leveraged review content to provide third party validation in their content, and gained increased awareness through their presence on IT Central Station.

From a demand generation perspective, Devo have experienced a high lead quality both in terms of individual leads coming through and their conversion rates.

Devo have seen a good match between their IICP and the audience they have gained access to through the PeerPixel™, PeerIntent™, and Lead Generation programs.

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“When we’re looking at our investment sets and where we can place our investments and resources for the year, looking at the data, PeerSpot is up at the top in terms of conversion rates.”